How YOU can keep the economics ecosystem healthy!

Economics as though human civilisation matters By Dave Sanderson If it’s about production or consumption, making money or saving it, it’s economics. There’s no-end of different organisations, groups of people and individuals involved in this, they all interact and rely on one another, so it’s a sort of ecosystem. Investors, workers, businesses, governments, banks, traders,


Boycott Workfare Manchester oppose state sanctioned “slave labour”

From Left: Thomas Barlow (Real Media), Gwyn Morgan (Boycott Workfare Mcr), Ben Godfrey (Green Party) and Rachel Law (Green Party) Shakespeare House was host to the Boycott Workfare meeting organised by the Whalley Range Green Party. Boycott workfare started in 2010 as a grass roots campaign to oppose forced unpaid work for those receiving welfare.


City wide injunction against Manchester homeless protest camps granted by judge

An unequal battle occurred in court on July 30th, resulting in a city wide injunction being ordered against homeless protest camps. Manchester City Council (MCC) were represented by their usual counsel, barrister Arron Walthall , the homeless protest camps were represented, without counsel, by solicitor Ben Taylor working pro bono as repeated appeals for legal