‘Something to tease, something to please, something to test, something …..’ The absence of anyone famous dying this week allows me to turn once again to the worthy pages of Private Eye. Their ‘Lookalikes’ page is always funny. As usual, post comments and observations in the form below BUT if you wish to contact


“Putting lipstick on a pig” thats the end result of billions spent by government on IT projects

A scathing report on government digital policy says it has failed in its objective of “transforming government”. The numerous iterations of applying technology to government has amounted to no more than expensive window dressing or, as colourfully described in the paper, “putting lipstick on pigs”.


How does Salford Royal Hospital’s decision to close its kitchen fit with the aims of new Devo Manc?

2 Jun, 2016 – Elizabeth Atherton  Good health is not equally distributed throughout society, a fact that has been well established since the publication of the controversial “Black Report” in the 1980s. There are a number of socio-economic factors—such as housing, skilled employment, and education—that influence health, and subsequently those living in the most deprived communities