The War on Cash

Banks, governments, credit card companies and fintech evangelists all want us to believe a cashless future is inevitable and good. But this isn’t a frictionless utopia says Brett Scott, and it’s time to fight back. 19th August 2016. Illustrations by Scott Garrett. Several months ago I stayed in an offbeat Amsterdam hotel that brewed its own beer but


Building an Economy Beyond Consumerism

Katherine Trebeck, Global Research Policy Adviser, Oxfam GB The starting point: a flawed economic model? It seems we are now entering a period of diminishing marginal benefit – if not increasing harm – from the sort of growth currently sought by most mainstream political parties and media. In most advanced industrial countries median wages have stagnated


Report on Constituting Democracy

By Assemblies for Democracy: “Our democracy would look like a creeping, crypto-oligarchy to the ancient Greeks – and many today may be coming to a similar conclusion.” Paul Cartledge, Professor of Greek Culture, Cambridge. Reconstituting British democracy, a personal account by Dr Chris Forman, of the “Constituting Democracy” event organised by Assemblies for Democracy. On