Our Democracy is Fracked Up

By Inka Stafrace – freelance videographer- campaigner founder of polly tikkle productions: The Communities Secretary Sajid Javid, is the head of the UK Department for Communities and Local Government. His department’s remit includes decentralisation (of power) and community cohesion amongst other things. So it is decidely ironic that today he has overruled Lancashire’s Local Council


Top German Court OKs CETA Approval — With Strings Attached

As we reported on Tuesday last, the Second Senate of the Federal Constitutional Court has considered the objections of a coalition of activists including Mehr Demokratie, Campact and foodwatch, and over 125,000 citizens to the temporary implementation of CETA, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Europe and Canada. They’ve rejected the contention that it’s


German Constitutional Court To Decide On An Injunction Against CETA

CETA, the controversial trade agreement between the European Union and Canada has hit a roadblock in Germany, where the the Second Senate of the Federal Constitutional Court will conduct an oral hearing in the “CETA” proceedings on Wednesday, 12 October 2016 with regard to several applications for a preliminary injunction. A decision is expected to