Website submission guidelines

– All uncommissioned submissions should be sent to the Editors. The easiest and quickest way to contact them is by emailing;

– The Editors will accept or reject submissions made. Sometimes they will discuss with you their suggested amendments; you are free to ignore or agree with them. They will use their judgment to decide if a piece fits within the style, tone, objectives and quality of the site and therefore whether to publish it or not.

– They would like a piece to be accompanied by a Standfirst paragraph.

– They will take into account how they can contact you so please include those details with your submission.

– They would prefer graphics to be incorporated into the piece.

– They would prefer the piece to reach a good standard of journalistic presentation, walls of text being broken-up by well thought-out paragraphs, sub-headings, appropriate quotes and other devices. It saves them doing it.

– If the article is for republishing, a link to the original article should be supplied.

– Broadly the Editors are looking for stimulating material that fits within the areas of concern that the 38 degrees Manchester organisation has set itself but don’t let that stop you from asking about your topic.

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