The Meteor needs your help


The Meteor is a new, not for profit, alternative news organisation dedicated to Manchester that needs your help. The Meteor needs the views and advice of Mancunians in what they want this new title to be, what do you want it to report on and what do you want it to avoid.

A community survey has been created to enable you to have your say in the direction this publication takes, and the ethics it adheres to. The community survey can be accesed here.

This initiative has evolved from a small group of  people who are extremely concerned with the biases present in the mainstream media, and its failure to do its job of informing the public and  holding the powerful to account.

Mainstream local media is no longer local, the majority of titles have been bough out by large corporations  such as Trinity Mirror and Newsquest. Their cost cutting tactics, to maximise profits, has severley compromised their ability to provide the quality of news needed. Time and again the proprietors of these media monopolies  have been shown to be pushing their own agendas to the detriment of the public good.

A well functioning democracy is dependant on a free press, which may explain why our democracy is in such a sorry state.

The survey only takes 10 minutes to fill in, and their is a section for you to add any comments you have not covered by the survey. The community survey can be accesed here.

Conrad Bower

Featured image via Youtube

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