Brexit means another battle for Britain – if we want a green and pleasant land



The Brexiteers will soon have overall control of the Conservative Party and the UK. The EU has long been the champion of improving and protecting the environment in Britain, and the result is we now have a greener and more pleasant land due to EU environmental regulations. But what happens when these existing environmental regulations are no longer valid in the UK, who will be the next champion of Britain’s environment?

It is unlikely to be the Brexiteers, who have a long track record of climate change denial and voting against pro environment legislation. They usually adopt the argument that profits trump the rights of current and future citizens of the UK to a healthy environment.

The Brexiteers ‘green’ credentials

Michael Gove adopted a creationist approach (ideology trumping evidence) in his attempts to cut the teaching of climate change from the geography national syllabus in 2013. He was forced to abandon his plans due to robust opposition from Ed Davey, the Lib-Dem Energy and Climate Change Secretary, and a national petition opposing the plan with 64,000 signatures.

In 2014 Gove accused “activist” teachers of turning students into “foot soldiers of the green movement”. This was in response to a report by the climate change sceptical Global Warming Policy Foundation, a think tank set up by Lord Lawson, ex Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer and an avid climate change denier.

Priti Patel is a keen proponent of fracking within the UK, which as an unconventional means of extracting fossil fuels has serious implications for the local environment and global climate change. Patel is also scornful of green groups, and their “eco-terrorist” supporters, opposing fracking. She said in Conservative Home……..

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Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons – Keswick in the Lake District

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