Paris Climate Change Agreement, 2015: the good, the bad and the ugly.

A lot has been written on the Paris international agreement on climate change.  To try and cut through all those words to the essential issues, here is our very brief analytic summary.

The good

  • Aspiration of no more than 1.5ºC warming.

  • All countries endorsing.

  • Both historically industrial and new industrial countries beginning to commit to mitigation.

  • 5 yearly reviews.

The bad

  • No delivery mechanism.

  • Country pledges amount to at least 3ºC warming.

  • Pitiful funding for poorest countries.

  • China and India emissions to continue rising til at least 2030.

  • Targets are not mandatory.

  • No challenge to the model of continued expansion of the economy.

  • It doesn’t start until 2020.

  • Nothing on food.

The ugly

Mark H Burton, Steady State Manchester

First published Steady State Manchester 15th December 2015 

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