Devo Manc

The people of Greater Manchester must have right to a say & vote on ‘Devo Manc’

To: The Chancellor of The Exchequer, Rt. Hon George Osborne & the leaders of Greater Manchester’s ten local authorities

We call for the “Greater Manchester Agreement: devolution to the GMCA & Transition to a directly elected Mayor” and any other such future plans for ‘devolution’ affecting the people of the area, following a sufficient period of public debate, and scrutiny of the Agreement, to be put to a Greater Manchester wide REFERENDUM, BEFORE it, or any other future devolution proposal, is implemented.

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    A growing number of people believe that the concentration of power in Westminster is wrong.
    If this mood intensifies, a process of devolution in the UK seems irreversible, it’s a matter of reaching critical mass.

    It seems to me that the government, having foreseen the inevitable, cleverly outmanoeuvred the democratic process by colluding, behind closed doors with a collation of the willing in Manchester, to impose a version of devolution that best suits the Westminster neoliberal agenda – more scope for a city region to decide policy with Treasury in control of budget allocation. If this model is accepted, expect a growing number of ‘Powerhouses’ competing, (à la the free market) for ever-reducing austerity-driven funding streams then taking the blame for ever-declining service delivery standards due to ‘inefficiency’ (translation – sacrificing human dignity and ingenuity for shareholder profit).

    Democracy is the key word here. If a majority of the UK electorate wish for power to be devolved from Westminster, the methodology for that to happen has to be democratically decided for it to have legitimacy. Devo Manc is a far cry from democracy.

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