Why we must fight the Tories on every front – Reason #2 – The Environment

      By Jon Crooks Our environment is our human life support system. A healthy planet is needed to support future generations and it’s in free-fall, but it’s not a priority for the Tories. It’s also a marginalised issue for most of the electorate; perhaps because it doesn’t get the debate it should either


Climate change, conflict and a growing refugee crisis: the future is here!

Climate change is one of the 4 main threats to human survival and is already having far-reaching effects. Climate scientists are predicting that 2015 will be the hottest year on record “by a mile”. A surge in ocean temperatures in particular now makes it almost inevitable that this year will turn out to be the


How YOU can keep the economics ecosystem healthy!

Economics as though human civilisation matters By Dave Sanderson If it’s about production or consumption, making money or saving it, it’s economics. There’s no-end of different organisations, groups of people and individuals involved in this, they all interact and rely on one another, so it’s a sort of ecosystem. Investors, workers, businesses, governments, banks, traders,