There is huge public opposition to the Devo Manc deal foisted on to the people of Greater Manchester in an undemocratic and clandestine manner by George Osborne. Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party, spoke at the event calling for greater consultation on devolution deals and “no more secrets”.


Gerald Kaufman and Gorton councillor condemn Devo Manc

Gerald Kaufman denounces the Devo Manc deal at a public meeting in Levenshulme. Gorton South Councillor Julie Reid warns of “privatisation by the back door” and possible mergers between Greater Manchester Colleges. At a public meeting in Levenshulme Gerald Kaufman, Labour MP for Gorton, heavily criticised the way the Devolution Manchester (Devo Manc) deal had


Devo Manc : regional devolution and inequality debate

Green Party energy spokesperson Andrew Cooper spoke about the pitfalls of the Devo Manc deal, as it currently stands, to a large audience at the Friends’ Meeting House. The discussion on regional devolution and inequality, organised by Equality Northwest, was billed for the 11th of September with Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party, as


Punk journalism: can it challenge the mainstream media?

Punk rock exploded into life in the 70s, firing the passions of a generation who were tired of jaded, distant and ostentatious mainstream rock groups. Punks emerged in local scenes all over the UK; the stripped-down instrumentation and simple style encouraged emergent punks to start up their own bands, in some cases self-producing their work