Working as a group means deciding as a group. We have created a VocalEyes group for members to offer ideas for campaigns and how to develop the group.

The group can be found here:

Find out about VocalEyes and VocalEyes features.

How to create an account

How to rate, comment and reply to ideas

How to add your own ideas

If you’ve set up your account, joined the group and found out how to rate and comment on ideas you are ready to add your own ideas for the group. All ideas added by members will be available to members to consider and rate. Sharing and discussing ideas is the way VocalEyes is used to help the group make shared democratic decisions.

First steps are to make sure you are logged, on the group page and can see the list of topics. If you can’t see a topic that fits your idea, don’t hesitate to suggest that a new topic area be opened up.

Click on the topic to bring it up on screen, then either click the drop down near the large blue +Go button or the blue +idea button. A form will open up and you can add your idea. Click the green create button, and that’s it your idea is added and ready to be rated by other members.

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