‘Something to tease, something to please, something to test, something …..’

There’s a real sense of ‘place’ here, captured in this lovely short film by Craig Murfin. H/T; Dawn Taylor


H/T; Frank Hannan


“The idea of self-emancipation through knowledge, which was the basic idea of the Enlightenment, is in itself a powerful enemy of fanaticism; for it makes us try hard to detach ourselves or even to dissociate ourselves from our own ideas (in order to look at them critically) instead of identifying ourselves with them. And the recognition of the sometimes overwhelming historical power of ideas should teach us how important it is to free ourselves from the overpowering influence of false or wrong ideas. In the interests of the quest for truth and of our liberation from errors we have to train ourselves to view our own favourite ideas just as critically as those we oppose.”
Karl Popper, ‘In Search of a Better World’.

As we head into a harsh winter it will bring no comfort to know, as ‘Old Sparky’ in ‘Private Eye’ tells us here, that we face the scenario of 5 day power outages;


Remember what happened to the government which last presided over winter blackouts?


Childe Hassam (American, Impressionism, b. October 17, 1859-1935): The Silver Veil and the Golden Gate, 1914. Oil on canvas, 76 x 81 cm. Valparaiso University, Brauer Museum of Art, Valparaiso, Indiana, USA.artwork0704

Thoralf Knobloch (German, based in Berlin; b. 1962): Steg mit Schatten, 2007. Oil on canvas, 140 x 200 cm. © Thoralf Knobloch. © This artwork may be protected by copyright. It is posted on the site in accordance with fair use principles.

“Thoralf Knobloch … is among the renowned phalanx of East-German painters who have attracted a great deal of attention by bringing new figurative positions back to contemporary art. The artist trained at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, where Eberhard Havekost, Frank Nitsche, and Thomas Scheibitz were his fellow students.



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  1. Rashid


    Really enjoyed the video Allan. I’d never seen it before, really nice to see our patch being presented so well!

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