‘Something to tease, something to please, something to test, something …..’

I could try to claim this clip is posted to remind middle-aged men of the need to take prostate cancer seriously. But that wouldn’t be true. I could try to justify it on the grounds of cultural memes but that would be pretentious (as most cultural commentators are).

In truth, there is only one reason to post this and that’s because it is outrageously funny. Especially the part where Connolly cracks himself up for a few moments.


Richard Emmanuel Jones

Nom d’un pipe! Nous nearly Oublied the poem encore! That would have been a domage n’est-ce pas? Perhaps you can guess from some subtle encryptions pre-sentencing this that today’s poem will be in English. The trouble is the villagers are so busy with their anti-nazi-eugenics inbreeding programme – (there’s no such thing! – not officially – that was a little joke from Richard!) – that the number of poems submitted has fallen to an all-week low. The quality’s the same though – more’s the pity. Idris Jenkins the television has sent in today’s doorstep mouse corpse offering and I publish with a heavy heart and sagging soul if this be the best the town that won the 1923 county eisteddfod is reduced to. And they say global warming is a tragedy.[/column-third-1-2-3]

A Slave Rejoices.

I’m free! said the slave
Now what can I do?
‘You can stand over there
In the jobcentre queue

You can beg for your work
On the free market stage
And can peddle your soul
For the minimum wage

You can live in a house
Paying rent to the hilt
‘Pay for the house?
Why it’s already built!’

You can keep all your money
For now you are free –
Just minus outgoings –
Twice earnings you see!

Whereas once you had nothing
You now have your debts
And this my free friend
Is as good as it gets.

Hmmm….Well again, it rhymed Idris, so that shows a commendable lack of imagination, but I don’t think the London School of Economics will be calling any time soon. Perhaps you would do better to watch ‘It’s a wonderful life’ to get a proper grasp of how economics works in the harsh reality of the real world.


This is real. A successful trial of the Blue Origin commercial trip to space and safe return to earth has been conducted so form a queue to the left.



Any comments, recommendations, brickbats and bouquets to the comments section below, please. See you next week.

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