‘Something to tease, something to please, something to test, something …..'

Best Christmas flash mob ever.

One of the first and what is particularly welcome is the obvious pleasure the singers are taking in performing as well as the attempts to disguise them before it starts.


If you can get away anywhere try going to one of these beautiful and isolated cabins.


H/T; Holly Elwen Pearson-Wort



“Master of Sant’Apollinare”: The Three Wise Men (named Balthasar, Melchior, and Gaspar); detail from “Mary and Child, surrounded by angels,” 526 AD. Mosaic from a Ravennate italian-byzantine workshop. Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, Italy. Photo: Nina Aldin Thune.


Rockwell Kent (American, 1882–1971): Winter, Monhegan Island; 1907.

Oil on canvas, Oil on canvas, 33-7/8 x 44 inches. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, USA.

© Rockwell Kent.

Enjoy your Christmas holidays!


Childe Hassam (American, Impressionism, 1859-1935): Sleigh Ride in Central Park.Oil on canvas, 45.7 x 55.9 cm.

Christmas isn’t complete without this; the Snowman.

It’s not Aled Jones singing, by the way; he released the single years later.


This is just joyful.

Frank Capra’s classic tells you everything you need to know about the direction our society now needs to resume after the failed experiment of the last thirty years. Trickle-down doesn’t work; markets need social oversight; greed is not good.


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    • AllanW


      Many thanks, Alison, your comment is much appreciated. Hope the meal went well 🙂

      And thanks for the support, 38 degrees does so many good things through the support of more people like yourself.

      The next edition of SFTW? will be out on New Year’s Day; we hope you enjoy it too.

  1. Joe Taylor


    You really excelled yourself with that Yuletide offering Allan – well done and thanks.

  2. John


    Busy on my computer listening to the carol service with an other window open and it is January ! I find coral music so relaxing. Thanks again Allan.

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