‘Something to tease, something to please, something to test, something …..'

Very often when celebrities stray outside their niche to comment on social or political issues it ends badly.

Not this time.

Harrison Ford gets the dismissive tone and blatant ridicule just right when asked something about Donald Trump.



Here’s one of my favourite arsebook pages; the Cloud Appreciation Society.


It has more beautiful pictures than you can shake a stick at and is updated frequently enough to never get boring.

Look at this beauty from the recent past;


This is what cats are all about; never forget it!


I love it when striking examples of evolutionary theory in practice are highlighted in great research. The adaptive advantage of warm blood for activity levels could not be more clearly shown than here.


You know how many people say ‘I don’t know about this climate change stuff’ then do nothing to correct that deficiency? Well, there are no excuses left now; enroll on the free course taught by M.I.T. professors on the subject. Accessible remotely, the course covers all aspects of climate science to a standard that will allow you to understand the issue at college levels.

As a side note, read the reviews of the course. Not because they are particularly insightful but for a few examples of the most depressing narcissism possible; ‘It was sooooo hard, I couldn’t do it!’ and ‘It made me think quite a bit so I had to stop’ tell you nothing about the course but everything you need to avoid the people making them.


This sort of thing makes life worth living; Sorkin at his best. Teaching but with an engaging humour, I defy anyone to hate this dialogue, setup and performance level. Now if we could just encourage more British writers to aspire to writing like this I’d be happy.

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