‘Something to tease, something to please, something to test, something …..'

Thirty years ago this week Peter Gabriel released the seminal album ‘So’. That’s all the excuse you need to relisten to it and enjoy this remastered version of ‘Sledgehammer’ once again.

Gabriel is just as much a maverick and creative master with an impressive back catalogue as, for example, Bowie was; let’s hope he stays around a lot longer.

Constantly creative, constantly different, constantly watchable, Gabriel has done more stretching and more boundary-pushing staging and touring than almost anyone. As the ‘Growing Up Live’ concert tour demonstrates.

Others have tried circular staging but Gabriel pushes it further and to more effect than ever with this production.

It’s eerie how nothing has changed; the vapidity of the media presentation (unerringly skewered her by Spitting Image), the policy targets (Tories scrapping state provision to produce dog-eat-dog societies) and the trans-Atlantic ‘alliance’.

This election special from 1987 should be re-done now but won’t be. We have lost something as a society when gross injustice produces no reaction.

Not a small selection of artworks this week but a link to 125,000. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has digitised this number of Dutch artworks for access across the globe. It’s a terrific resource and I urge you go play with it.





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