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With the Australian election approaching rapidly Clarke & Dawe are really hitting their straps.

I’d post something about our own exercise in democracy here with the Brexit referendum if everything about it were not irredeemably dull, vacuous and soul-destroying. Which is a shame because it’s quite important …

We couldn’t let this week go without remembering the latest example of 2016’s trend in losing famous people from our lives.
You can argue all you want about his personality and whether he was a force for good or ill in social and political terms; you can debate endlessly about his relative standing in the boxing world compared to the greats of previous eras or different weight divisions; but never mistake the skills.
In a sport where style, grace, beauty and finesse are all-too-often not on show, he had them all in excess.





Claude Monet (French, Impressionism, 1840-1926): The Rain, 1886-87. Oil on canvas, 60 x 73 cm. Private Collection.


Gabriele Münter (German; Expressionism, Der Blaue Reiter; 1877-1962): Sommer, Haus mit Apfelbaum; 1908.

From our Welsh correspondent Richard Emmanuel Jones

Poem for the day etc

‘….you’re listening to BBC Radio Wales…the time is….’ –

REJ:- Jesus Iesu Mawr Christ!!! I am too!

RADIO:- …coming up to nine o’clock…

REJ:- *glance!* So it is indeed! –

RADIO:- …its 19 degrees and sunny in Llanfihangel-y-Creuddun…

REJ:- Ok its getting spooky now. What colour socks am I wearing? –

RADIO:- You’re not wearing any socks –

REJ:- Wel y Diawl…

RADIO:- And you’re wearing last week’s pants –

REJ:- *click!…off!* Sioned! Sioned! I said we shouldn’t have gone digital –

SIONED:- Aren’t you going to explain my implausible reappearance first? –

REJ:- er…lets see…there was an earthquake….and glyn-the-milk’s high-tech, high-spec, hyundai pick-up –

SIONED:- I see. You’re not bothering. I’m just a cheap comedic device to you am I? –

REJ:- Iesu Mawr, its started already…

SIONED:- What was that Emmanuel Jones?! –

REJ:- er…er…Sioned! I think the cat’s trying to tell me something! –


I think he wants me to follow him!

SIONED:- ?@*! –

REJ:- What’s that Bobbie?….someone’s in danger? What?…the Red Lion? –

SIONED:- *clunk!*

REJ:- *Ooof!*

SIONED:- *Slam!*

REJ:- Stupid cat! Why didn’t you say y Llew Du? Sioned was bound to know the Red Lion’s not open yet –


REJ:- Never mind. Gadewch i ni weld who we have enguestulated today. Why it’s none other than Ifan Penweddwch. Hmmm…now who’s he then? –

IP:- Haven’t you made me up yet? –

REJ:- No idea. Are you the butcher?

IP:- Try something else –

REJ:- Do a mime –

IP:- *mime!* –

REJ:- I’ve got it! Gynaecologist –

IP:- No, postman. The parcel got stuck. I expect you’ll be wanting to hear my latest poem –

REJ:- If it means you’ll leave quicker.


‘An alphabet of letters,
Just four to fill my sack,
I ring your bell, deliver well,
And that explains our Jack’.

REJ:- You forgot Uracil –

IP:- I use Daz –

REJ:- ffs. Return to Sender –

IP:- There’s a 20p overcharge –

REJ:- Sorry I’m not known at this address.

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  1. Allan Wort


    On the Ali video, from 2:12 to 2:16 you’ll see the majestic expertise he had.

  2. AllanW


    By the way, Ifan’s poem is about the letters that make up the strands of DNA in humans.

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