‘Something to tease, something to please, something to test, something …..'

The mainstream news long ago lost any resemblance it once had to being a programme attempting to inform. As Clarke & Dawe point out, it’s just another reality television show featuring lurid storylines selected by vapid producers fronted by plastic people. ‘The Only Way is Sheep’ if you will.

Stop consuming it and you might wake up.



Smiles and glory are his legacy. The first who made the modern transition from gifted player to master manager and tactician, all those who make that their career path now are following his footsteps.

A genuine pioneer and footballing genius. Smart, complex and principled; Johann Cruyff.



Tom Thomson (Canadian, 1877–1917): Dawn on Round Lake (Kawawaymog Lake), 1915. Oil on wood panel


Gerhard Richter (German, b. 1932): Cloud (Wolke), 1976. No. 413. Oil on canvas, 200 x 300 cm (78-7/8 x 118-1/8 inches). © Gerhard Richter.

I don’t normally post anything resembling ‘hard-to-read’ blog posts in this column because it’s meant to be a light-hearted, satirical and comical appetiser for your weekends revels. An electronic amuse-bouche. But I would like to draw your attention to this short piece by the tax campaigner Richard Murphy. Do yourself a favour and read it because it tells us things we should have been seeing and reading on the mainstream media for years but haven’t.




Please get in touch with me (contact details below) if you run or are part of a community-based project of which you are proud. I wish to highlight in depth the fantastic, uplifting, inspirational work that is being done all around us in our communities in a series of regular posts. Thanks for your help. Allan.


Moshekwa Langa (South African, b. 1975): Untitled (Landscape), 2008. Mixed media on paper, 55-1/10 × 39-2/5 inches (140 × 100 cm). Goodman Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa.

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