The next meeting will be Saturday, March 3rd.

We’ll go for the National Football Museum

starting at 1.30 til 3.30pm.

There’s no football games listed by United or City for this Saturday which should make it a quieter Saturday.

Before or after you can tour the museum or go and enjoy the shopping.

Please use the Cafe entrance on the ground floor which allows easy access for disabled people.

To those who came to the last meeting at the National Football Museum.  Many thanks.

It was nice to see everyone again & thanks for your input.


Stop them privatising OUR NHS

The latest threat is ACO’s


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YOUR local 38 Degrees

across Greater Manchester and beyond

Come and help us to help you.



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Comments (6)

  1. Tony Ettenfield


    You may not know about CETA. Think of it as another TTIP only more dangerous. It will be ready for approval this year. We have to STOP IT. Please join the campaigns to STOP CETA and STOP TTIP,

  2. Tony Ettenfield


    CETA may arrive in Brussels for approval by October. Get shouting to stop this.
    Also, if you live, work or study in Manchester go and sign the petition to make Manchester a TTIP Freezone. It on the City of Mancheter webiste or sign the paper version at any of the 38 Degrees Manchester meetings, Stop TTIP Manchester meeting or Global Justice Now meetings. We need to reach 4,000 to get Manchester Council to debate TTIP. Please sign NOW.

  3. Tony Ettenfield


    DANGER. DANGER. The toxic and dangerous CETA is forever getting closer to being adopted. It is, then we’re doomed, I tell you. We’re doomed. Wave goodbye to any democracy we have. The power will transfer to the big corporate powers.

  4. Reply

    CETA is a bigger danger than ever as it’s only a short time before our government and Brussels impose this on us. If they do, the BIG mulit-national companies will have the right to take our government to court and sue. They will also be able to apply a heavy influence on our democracy. AND we’ll be locked in for at least 20 years, Brexit or no Brexit. We need to STOP CETA now. Sign the petitions, write to your MEPs and MPs and STOP CETA

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